Roster update

The rosters have been updated with the additional information through Company D. I still need to go into the volunteer records from 1864 to update later enlistments, and will have to look at some other sources to get the remaining late-war enlistments. The original 1862 volunteers will be there, though!

Roster changes…for the better

For the regular visitors to the site (and thanks for coming by again and again!) there are some updates on the roster pages. I’ve been hitting the old Connecticut Catalog of Volunteers to add extra information to the rosters – namely occupation, age and marital status at the time of enlistment. It is very much a work in progress and I’m still not sure I like the way it looks, but the information adds an extra dimension to the names on the page.

Personally, I’m finding it interesting to read occupations that are really unfamiliar. For example, anyone know what a “knob turner” is? I haven’t had a lot of luck with that one. As expected, lots of hatters and shoemakers are turning up in the regiment thus far. One, Lt. Colonel Doug Fowler, listed HIS occupation as “soldier” when he enlisted in the 17th…his third regiment of the war by 1862. It may be worthwhile to have an entire section on the various jobs held by the soldiers of the 17th. After getting Company A done, I did notice that in this Norwalk company there were not many farmers – so by 1862 Norwalk seems to have been very much a manufacturing town (or at least well on its way).

Keep checking back as the work progresses – and if you like the additional information let me know.

The photos return and the old site is gone for good

A little housekeeping note for anyone who follows the site – today I officially put the old pages to rest and just redirected  anyone using the old URL to this site. I think this one is an improvement since it lets me update faster and easier and hope everyone feels the same.

The one issue I have had is with finding a good way to display the various photos from the old site on this one. The last attempt ended in some pretty annoying security breaches that caused me to remove the plugin I was using. As a quick fix I’ve decided to retain the old image pages from the old site and just placed a link on this one to get to them. It is not all that pretty but at least they are once again accessible for the viewing pleasure of all.

In the meantime I’ll keep looking for something better – I’ve tried “free” but I’ve had the best success with professional plugin’s, so if anyone knows a reasonable one that works well please let me know about it!