Can you identify this ribbon?

Silk ribbon inserted into frame

These photos were sent along by Bob Davis, with this note:

“Tonight while searching a favorite thrift store I found a poster put out by the national tribune co for the Army of the Potomac. At the bottom it has a raised gold seal and states ” this is to certify, Sergt. Whitman Sackett served in the Army of the Potomac, having been in Company I, 17th Regiment Conn. Inf.

It also contains a silk ribbon under the glass that has G.A.R. surrounding 2 crossed muskets, an I, under the muskets. 17 under that and then Connecticut in large letters across the rest of the ribbon. I love the info I have already found on Sackett but am interested about any information anyone can send on the poster or ribbon.”

The lithograph is a standard National Tribune Company issue for the Army of the Potomac (they also did one for the Army of the Cumberland as well) with space for veterans to write their service record.

The ribbon stumped me, though. Seems clear enough that it is a Grand Army of the Republic ribbon – maybe an encampment ribbon – and not a 17th CVI reunion ribbon. The  “Connecticut” seems to have been original to the ribbon but it really looks like the “I” and the “17” were added, perhaps by Whitman Sackett.

I’ve never seen anything like it – has anyone else?

If someone can add something to the story, comment here and/or contact Bob at  RDavis @ (just remove the spaces).

National Tribune lithograph with service record for Whitman Sackett.

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