Casualty List

Captured at the House of Solona, near St. Augustine on February 4, 1865 

Field and Staff 

Regimental Musician John Hearn

Company A

Sgt. John M. Crowe

Pvt. Seth A. Northrup

Company C

Captain Henry Quien

Pvt. Charles Wilcox

Pvt. Theodore S. Morris

Company D

Musician Frederick Wilmott

Pvt. Joseph Mott

Company G

Musician Sherman H. Smith

Company I

Sgt. Oliver S. Ingersoll

Company K

1st Lt. George B. Ruggles

Musician James Ainscow

Casualties  at the Braddock’s farm, near Dunn’s Lake, on February 5, 1865

Field and Staff

Lt. Col. Albert Wilcoxson – WIA/Captured (died March 6, 1865 at Tallahassee, Florida)

Adjutant H. Whitney Chatfield – Killed

Company B

Pvt. Morando H. Whitney - Captured

Company D

Corp. Frederick Carpenter  - Captured

Pvt. Stephen C. Lewis - Captured

Pvt. Patrick Norton  - Captured

Pvt. Edmund Treadwell - Captured

Pvt. Samuel Whittlesey - Captured

Company E

Pvt. Thomas Bradley - Captured

Company F

Capt. C. Frederick Betts  - Captured

Pvt. Ira Brotherton  - Captured

Pvt. John Bugler  - Captured

Pvt. Charles Cargill  - Captured

Pvt. George Lake - Captured

Pvt. James H. Lounsberry  - Captured

Pvt. Joshua Lounsberry - Captured

Pvt. Oscar Weed - Captured

Pvt. Noble L. Whitney - Captured

Company G

Capt. Wilson French - Captured

Corp. David Austin - Captured

Pvt. Sylvester Albin  - Captured

Pvt. Samuel Baker - Captured

Pvt. Martin Costello - Captured

Pvt. George Ferry - Captured

Pvt. John Jarvis - Captured

Pvt. Warren H. Northrup - Captured

Company H

Corp. Seth Remington – Wounded/Captured

Pvt. Sylvester Albin – Captured

Pvt. Charles L. Barton  - Captured

Pvt. Enoch B. Benedict  - Captured

Pvt. Warren J. Burtis - Captured

Pvt. David R. Jones – Captured

Pvt. Charles S. Mallet - Captured

Pvt. James A. Smallhorn - Captured