In addition to the annual reunions held by the veterans of the 17th CVI, two special excursions were held for monument dedications at Gettysburg. The first occurred in July 1884 to dedicate the monument on Blocher’s (now called Barlow’s) Knoll on the site where Captain James E. Moore was killed (Moore’s daughter Minnie, along with Colonel Noble’s daughter Fannie, unveiled the monument). The second took place a little more than 5 years later when they traveled once again to Gettysburg in October 1889 to dedicate the monument on East Cemetery Hill.

Article from the May 21, 1921 "Gettysburg Times" on the erection of the current steel pole on Barlow's Knoll

In addition to the stone monuments the veterans also had a flagpole installed on Barlow’s Knoll. Originally made of wood, the flagpole was erected on the site where Lieutenant Colonel Douglass Fowler was killed. The first news story found mentioned that the veterans of the regiment had supplied a 9×15 US flag to area residents David and Oliver Blocher to “be raised on national holidays and at all other times when it may seem proper that it should be thrown to the breeze.” In 1895 a storm knocked the old wooden pole to the ground, which led to the veterans association raising a steel pole. The current flagpole was placed there in 1921 by the association – which by that time was mainly comprised of descendants and honorary members and a mere handful of veterans.

On both occasions the veterans published special commemorative pamphlets. The transcriptions are included in this section of the site, thanks to the work of long-time site supporter Ginny Gage.