Company Officers

2nd LT William A. Kellogg - Co. A

2nd Lt. William A. Kellogg - Company A

Resigned in November 1862.

(photo courtesy of Dale Call)

Captain Charles Hobbie - Co. B

Captain Charles Hobbie - Company B

One of several brothers who fought for the Union, Hobbie was wounded at Chancellorsville, Va. He was captured along with nearly his entire command at Welaka, Florida on May 19, 1864 when Col. J.J. Dickison, CSA, surprised the garrison and captured it without a shot. Captain Hobbie was remembered as an excellent fighting man, but neglectful of his other duties. This would cost the lives of several of his company who would die as POW's.

(photo courtesy of Bobby Dobbins)

1st Lt. John Harvey - Co. B

1st Lt. John Harvey - Company B

Harvey was mustered into Co. B of the 17th CT Volunteer infantry as a Sergeant on August 28, 1862. He was promoted to 1st Sergeant on September 3, 1862. He was again promoted to 1st Lieutenant of Co. B on October 10, 1863. Appointed to Captain, but not mustered, on June 29 1865. Mustered out on July 19, 1865.

(Photo used with permission of The Stamford Historical Society)

2nd Lt. Edgar Hoyt - Co. B

2nd Lt. Edgar Hoyt - Company B

Hoyt was mustered in as 1st Sergeant August 29, 1862 and was immediately promoted to 2nd Lieutenant of Company B. He resigned on May 14, 1863.

(Photo used with permission of The Stamford Historical Society)

Captain James Moore - Co. C

Captain James Moore - Company C

Killed at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863. "

From The Military and Civil History of Connecticut During the War of 1861-65 by William Augustus Croffut, John Mosses Morris:

…there fell also the senior captain of the regiment, Capt. James E. Moore of Danbury. He was almost idolized by his company and was a man of exemplary character and sterling worth. He was a color bearer in the war with Mexico and led a company gallantly in the three months service. His remains were taken home and buried with all honors, the vast concourse at the funeral attesting the high regard and admiration felt by his fellow citizens of Danbury."

(photo from "The History of Danbury" - 1896)

Lt. Henry Quien - Co. C

Lt. Henry Quien - Company C

Wounded July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg. Captured at St. Augustine, Florida on February 4, 1865. Last Captain of Company C.

(photo courtesy of USAMHI)

Captain James E. Dunham - Co. G

Captain William Hubbell - Company D

Probably a postwar image. Dunham was, among other things, an insurance agent before the war. He resigned his commission shortly after Chancellorsville. Following the war he was a postmaster in Bridgeport and a coal merchant. Dunham was prominent in the Republican party.

Photo from "The Standard's History of Bridgeport" 1897

Captain William Hubbell - Co. D

Captain William Hubbell - Company D

Captured at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863.

(photo courtesy of USAMHI)

Captain Henry P. Burr - Co. E

Captain Henry P. Burr - Company E

Capt. Burr was captured on May 2, 1863 at Chancellorsville. He was paroled in time to rejoin his company in time for the fight at Gettysburg. On July 2nd, on East Cemetery Hill, Capt. Burr was able to return the favor.During hand to hand fighting he grabbed a Confederate soldier at the stone wall, pulled him across and took him as a prisoner. Capt. Burr resigned his commission the following year on a ccount of poor health.

(photo courtesy of Jim Joyce)

Wilson French as a Lieutenant - Co. G

Lieutenant Wilson French - Company G

Lieutenant French mustered in with Company G in August 1862. A Stratford native, he was promoted to Captain on May 8, 1863 after the battle at Chancellorsville.

Captain Wilson French - Co. G

Captain Wilson French - Company G

After his promotion, Captain French led his company at Gettysburg. He was wounded there on July 1, 1863. He was later captured on February 5, 1865 at Dunn's Lake, Florida and imprisoned at Andersonville along with many other members of the 17th CVI. After his parole in April 1865, he was discharged the following month. French was a witness in the trial of Henry Wirz, commandant of Andersonville.

Lt. David Bartram - Co. G

Lt. David Bartram - Company G

Image taken while he was 1st Sergeant of Company G. Promoted shortly after the Battle of Chancellorsville. Captured July 1, 1863 at Gettysburg and kept prisoner for nearly 14 months. Mustered out in May 1865.

From the 1890 "The History of Redding, Connecticut" by Charles Burr Todd:

"David S. Bartram. Enlisted as a private in Co. G., Aug. 16, 1862. Promoted to 2d Lieutenant May 8, 1863. Participated in the battle of Chancellorsville; and was taken prisoner at Gettysburg, July 3,1863. Was an inmate of rebel prisons for twenty-two months, experiencing in succession the horrors of the Libby Prison at Richmond, and of the prison pens at Danville, Macon, Savannah, Charleston, Columbia, and Goldsboro. He was paroled March 1, 1865, near Wilmington, N. C, and succeeded in reaching the Union lines at the latter place."
(photo courtesy of Sheila Hislop)

Lt. James Ayres - Co. H

Lt. James Ayres - Company H

Promoted to Captain of Company A.

(photo courtesy of Bobby Dobbins)

Captain Marcus Waterbury - Co. I

Captain Marcus Waterbury - Company I

Originally 1st Lt. of Company B, where he was captured at Chancellorsville, VA on May 2, 1863. Released on June 8, 1863 and promoted to Captain of Company I on September 1, 1863. According to the Warren history of the 17th CVI, Waterbury died in an insane asylum. Further research needed.

(From collection of Dale Call)

Captain Theodore Gray - Co. K

Captain Theodore Gray - Company K

Mustered in as Sergeant-Major. Gray was a personal favorite of Colonel Noble. He climbed through the ranks, first as a Lt. in Company E, and finally promoted to Captain of Company K shortly before the end of the war. He was mustered out in July 1865.

(photo courtesy of Dale Call)

Lt. George B. Ruggles - Co. K

Lt. George B. Ruggles - Company K

Captured at St. Augustine, Florida on February 4, 1865.

(photo courtesy of Bobby Dobbins)

Lt. Edward Lees - Co. K

Lt. Edward Lees - Company K

Promoted from Corporal of Company E to 2nd Lt. of Company K.

(From collection of Dale Call)

2nd LT William A. Kellogg - Co. ACaptain Charles Hobbie - Co. B1st Lt. John Harvey - Co. B2nd Lt. Edgar Hoyt - Co. BCaptain James Moore - Co. CLt. Henry Quien - Co. CCaptain James E. Dunham - Co. GCaptain William Hubbell - Co. DCaptain Henry P. Burr - Co. EWilson French as a Lieutenant - Co. GCaptain Wilson French - Co. GLt. David Bartram - Co. GLt. James Ayres - Co. HCaptain Marcus Waterbury - Co. ICaptain Theodore Gray - Co. KLt. George B. Ruggles - Co. KLt. Edward Lees - Co. K