Field and Staff Officers

Lt-Colonel Charles Walter
Lt-Colonel Douglass Fowler
Lt - Colonel Albert Wilcoxson
Lt - Colonel Henry Allen
Major Allen Brady
Major Allen G. Brady (postwar)
Adjutant H Whitney Chatfield
Quartermaster Hanford Hayes
Surgeon Robert Hubbard
Assistant Surgeon Henry S. Turrill
Principal Musician Thomas R. Hearn
Principal Musician John P. Hearn
Chaplain William Hall
Colonel William H. Noble - Colonel of the Seventeenth from its formation until its muster-out, Colonel Noble was wounded at Chancellorsville leading his regiment. He was captured on December 24, 1864 near the St. John's River in Florida. Ultimately sent to Andersonville Prison, he was the highest ranking officer ever imprisoned there. After the war Noble and his daughter made a very comfortable living handling pension claims for Union veterans. (photo from Roger D. Hunt Collection/USAMHI)