Rank and File

Private Albert M. Allen - Company A
Private James M. Bailey - Company C
Private John H. Batterson - Company F
Private J. Henry Blakeman - Company D
Private Benjamin Brotherton - Company E
Private William A. Clark - Company C
Private Anthony Comstock - Company H
Private Stephen Crofut - Company D
Private Timothy Donovan - Company A
Private Samuel Downs - Company C
Private Thomas Driscoll - Company H
Private John H. Grannis - Company C
Private George Gregory - Company D
Private James Hoyt - Company F
Private Henry Huss - Company D
Private Isaac Hyatt - Company A
Private Horace Q. Judd - Company G
Private Jarvis Kellogg - Company F
Private Norman S. Kellogg - Company A
Private Stephen Lewis - Company D
Private James Lyon - Company F
Private Charles E. Morrell - Company B
Private Rufus Rice - Company C
Private Michael Ryan - Company E
Private Justus Silliman - Company H
Private Orrin Taylor - Company E
Private Albert Allen - Company A - Enlisted from Wilton, CT in 1862, died on July 25, 1864. Various records show his middle initial as "N". The record for his government supplied tombstone, dated 1879, shows his burial place as New Britain, CT however a ggave marker also exists in Wilton, CT. Photo courtesy of Mike Fisher