Welcome (finally!)

Veterans of the 17th CVI on East Cemetery Hill in 1889.

It has to start someplace…so why not here?

It’s taken a while but the time has come to start posting on the 17th CVI blog. Like it says, this is primarily a history site. With that out of the way I expect that there will be some moments of non-historical commentary, but in the end I’m not looking to stir things up. Rather, with the 150th anniversary of the 17th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry coming in August 2012 now just seems the right time to figure out how this all works.

Every project needs to have some kind of objective and this is no different. For those who have faithfully followed the 17th CVI website (formerly hosted by AT&T) you already know that the demise of that service has left the site in…well, let’s be honest it is in shambles. Work is slowly proceeding on rebuilding the site and getting all the information that once was available back online. The really important stuff is pretty much there but much remains to be done.

With any luck the blog will allow some material to be accessible earlier than it might actually make it to the new site. That new site, by the way, can be reached at www.17thcvi.org just like before. If you are still trying the old AT&T address you already know it isn’t there any longer.

So, one year after the 17th CVI blog was born it finally gets a post. Hopefully it won’t be the last!