1890 Reunion at Roton Point


Original ribbon worn by attendees of the Roton Point reunion, August 28, 1890.

SOUTH NORWALK, Ct., Aug. 28, 1890.  Fully 200 veterans, with ladies, attended the 28th annual reunion of the 17th regiment, Connecticut volunteers, at Roton Point today.  These officers were elected:

President, Charles Smith, South Norwalk; vice-presidents, Alfred M. Smith, New York, Edward Harrison, Stamford, Thomas McCorkle, Danbury, Edgar Wilcoxon, Norwalk, Frederick Wakeman, Greens Farm, Oscar St. John, South Norwalk, Charles Jennings, Georgetown, Floyd T. Ruscoe, Norwalk, Whitman Sickett, Greenwich, Charles Sturrell, Bridgeport; secretary, John H. Porter, Bridgeport; treasurer, Patrick Wade, Bridgeport.

Rev. Beverly E. Warner was elected an honorary member.  He made a ringing speech and presented a handsome flag to the regiment, which they will raise on their staff at Gettysburg.  Dinner was served and addresses were made by Gen. William H. Noble of Bridgeport, Col. Henry Huss of Mt. Vernon, Charles J. Smith of Norwalk and many others.


From the Boston Herald, August 29, 1890.