1902 Reunion at Pleasure Beach





Project of Getting Up a History abandoned for the Time Being—Forty Veterans of the Twenty-Eighth Also Gather to Feast and Talk


 Pleasure Beach was a busy place yesterday with the annual reunions of the Seventeenth and Twenty-Eighth infantry and the Second light artillery in progress.


The Seventeenth infantry carried on its meeting in a pavilion where about 100 members gathered on the benches when the meeting was called to order by the outgoing president, Rufus Wakeman, of Saugatuck.

The chief business of the Seventeenth was in regard to the proposed histories which have been discussed “for 40 years” as the secretary, A.M. Peck, of Newtown, remarked. It was decided yesterday that the project of getting up a history must be abandoned for the time being. The 36 subscriptions already secured were given back to the subscribers. The company intends to make a first class history or none at all. For this reason the wait will be in order until enough money is secured in some way to provide for publishing a history that shall be a credit to the organization.

That there will be some excellent maps if the history is published is at some future date is assured. W.H. Warren, of New Haven, has prepared nine maps and has four more under way. These will illustrate the trip of the regiment from this state to Florida and return.

The maps are 2×3 feet and are all the same scale so that if necessary they may be placed together and make a complete map of the portion of the union covered by the Seventeenth in its journey and fighting. After dinner yesterday afternoon, Mr. Warren delivered a lecture on the traveling of the regiment and illustrated his talk with references to his maps.

The election of officers for the Seventeenth resulted as follows: President, Dr. Henry T. Waite, of New York city; secretary, A.W. Peck, of Newtown; treasurer, George D. Phillips, of Bridgeport. The company vice-presidents are as follows, according to their companies: A, William Merritt, of South Norwalk; B, John Bell; C, William H. Warren, of New Haven; D, William S. Dewhirst, of Bridgeport; E, George Hale, of Saugatuck; F, Charles Oscar St. John, of Norwalk; G, Charles Jennings; H, Thomas P. Cave, of Darien; I, Whitman Sackett, of New Rochelle and Samuel Thorpe of Bridgeport. – Norwalk Hour, August 29, 1902

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