1934 Reunion at Roton Point



Civil War Regiments in Annual Gathering at Roton


Memories of two stalwart regiments of blue which marched to the Civil War hundreds strong were vividly revived at Roton Point today, when only one member of each regiment was on hand for the annual reunions.

Invitation to the 72nd reunion, held at Roton Point. Edward Pinkney was the sole veteran of the regiment attending the reunion.
Photo courtesy of Carolyn Ivanoff

Loomis Scofield of New Canaan was the sole representative of the Twenty-eighth Connecticut Volunteers present and Edward Pinkney of Georgetown, who is the only surviving member, stood at attention for the Seventeenth Connecticut Volunteers.

Mr. Pinkney is 87 years old. John H. Batterson of Norwalk, who recently passed away, was the president of the association.

Mr. Pinkney was not made president after the death of Batterson but an organization for relations of the men in the 17th division reorganized the company and Edwin L. Stevens of Rowayton was elected president. Miss Harriet B. Blakeman of Stratford was elected treasurer. One of the interesting points about the company was the fact that its flag was flying throughout the three-day battle at Gettysburg and this flag is now preserved by the government.

Mrs. Courtland Darrow, 85 years old, who has not missed a reunion, was present today.

Of the 28th Regiment only four members are known to be alive today. Mr. Scofield, 89, is the retired admiral of the Naval Veterans of the United States. The other members

Invitation to 1934 reunion at Roton Point. Edward Pinkney, age 87, was the lone veteran attending the 72nd reunion.

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Ivanoffof the organization are: George Scofield, 91, of Stamford, William L. Hall, 91, of Danbury and George A. Roberts, 89, formerly of Norwalk and now of Dayton, Ohio.

Mr. Scofield has been president of the organization for 22 years. Mrs. Lucy Toms Paight of Stamford is secretary-treasurer. She has been a member of the Women’s Relief Corps for 50 years. Mrs. Elizabeth Dickson of Stamford is assistant secretary. Willie Hoyt of Stamford is the chaplain. – from Norwalk Hour, August 28, 1934        

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