The 1870 reunion photograph – anyone know where it is?

According to a reporter for the Danbury News writing about the 1870 reunion of the regiment’s veterans, at the close of the day a photograph was taken by “…one of the best photographers in Stamford.” The subject of the photograph – the veterans of the regiment and their colors (regimental and national). Since nearly 400 veterans attended this reunion, held a little more than 5 years after the regiment mustered out of service, I can’t help but wonder if a copy exists someplace.

The question is, has anyone seen this photograph since say, 1870? If the article is correct, then at the end of August 1870 one of the “best photographers” in the city of Stamford took a photograph of a very large number of 17th Connecticut veterans. I don’t know about anyone else but I, for one, am very curious to find a copy of this photograph. Anyone have any ideas?

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